About Me

Eight weeks before my anniversary cruise, I started trying on summer clothes. I wanted to see, more precisely feel, how they would fit after the long winter. Shockingly, nothing fit. My clothes were not a little uncomfortable or a little snug, they were splitting at the seams. Literally, the only thing that still fit were my flip flops. This discovery left me with three options, to go shopping for all new larger clothing for a seven-day cruise or lose enough weight to get into my perfectly good clothes or go naked.

Instead of finding a crash diet, at age 46 I found my last diet. My total loss, while journaling, was 4” and 14 pounds in 48 days. I continued my new way of sustainable eating with scheduled cheating, sprinkled with minimum exercise, and lost nearly 30 pounds. Additional benefits that I enjoyed included an individualized way of eating, more energy, less bloating, feeling inspired and being overall healthier and happier.