Only My Flip Flops Still Fit Diet Diary E-Book


This is an electronic, downloadable E-book about the Flip Flop Diet.

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This diet was developed because I NEEDED to lose weight fast. After a long cold winter and only two months before my anniversary cruise, I started trying on my summer shorts, capris, swimsuits, and dresses – nothing fit. My clothes were not just snug or a little uncomfortable, they were bursting at the seams. The only summer item that still fit was my flip-flops. Out of desperation I immediately jumped into a new way of eating that did not make me measure or weigh my food, count calories, fat, points or carbs. I did the least amount of toning and cardio that I could get away with (planks are for pirates, not me.) I learned interesting and weird health and body facts that livened the experience making it educational and fun. Most important, every Saturday was a cheat day. This way of eating worked for me; I call it sustainable eating with scheduled cheating.

Each day of the diet contains a small informational section, a few quotes, a daily journal entry, the list of food and drinks that I consumed, and a picture. At the end of the diary is a list of the foods, drinks, and condiments that I used to lose over 14 pounds and 4” in 43 days of dieting. May this book bring you knowledge, laughter, hope, and a way to make the change you desire.

“If I could lose weight as fast as I lose my mind, I would be thin in a day.” ~Jo