Say YES to YUM!

Beautiful food and health are priceless.

~ Bryant McGill

This beautiful and amaZingly tasty dish is from Whiskey Cake restaurant. The Rotisserie Farm Bird is served over fire-roasted misto vegetables, farro and drizzled in citrus-basil vinaigrette. This is a definite YES for YUM meal that I would eat every night of the week. Eating healthy does not have to be boring! Savor this dish on cheat day or while maintaining your weight, I promise you won’t be disappointed. During periods of weight loss, I recommend skipping the farro or having it put in a to-go container to enjoy on your cheat day.

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A different kind of breakfast

What’s Up For Breakfast

A lot of people like eggs and a lot of people like cottage cheese but have you ever had them together? Scrambled cottage cheese eggs is one of my favorite dishes to make for breakfast. Mix 1/3 cup of cottage cheese together with 3 eggs and scramble in olive oil, add salt and/or pepper to taste. One of my favorite variations is to add cooked sausage and sauteed onions. Bacon on my diet? Absolutely, it is afterall, the duct tape in the kitchen.

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February 12, 2021

What does sustainable eating mean? It means that dieters eat regular food that can be found in any grocery store and that they actually eat. There are no shakes, no supplements and no meal replacements on this plan.

Scheduled cheating is exactly what it sounds like. It is a day of indulgence built into the diet that provides a weekly reward without guilt. Did you know that DIET stands for Did I Eat That? On cheat day dieters can say “Heck Yeah I Ate That.”

The no-work, no-worry aspect of the diet refers to the elimination of measuring or weighing food. There is also no need to count points, fat, carbs or calories.

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